Business, Short Funny Voicemail Messages to Record the Perfect One

Voicemail Messages

Are you looking for guidance of Voicemail Messages, how to record the perfect voicemail? You must need to learn how to record professional Voicemail greeting Messages. Here are some business Voicemail Messages to get you started.

You will find voicemail greeting generator for the business main number, direct business line, non-business hours, holiday-specific greetings and the customer service line.

Basic Reasons, Why a Business Needs Professional Voicemail Messages:

The missing of the clients and customers calls is not an ideal option you can let your caller allow to InTouch with you, you are still there for having great free voicemail greetings.

Business Needs voicemail messages

The best business voicemail greetings let the potential customers know, you are not available right now, and it is the best to get in contact with your business. The Voice mailbox message is short and to the point.

Pick Your Greeting

Business Voicemail MessagesFunny Voicemail Messages

You usually keep your greetings between 6 to 24 seconds long. So, the callers don’t like to hang up in a half.

A professional voicemail greeting helps to boost credibility. Voicemail greetings make you more component and encourage the customers, whoever is listening to it and continue to build a strong relationship.

Business Voicemail Message Examples:

Business Voicemail Message

If you have a business phone and shared with the phone number listed publicly. You just need to make sure, it has a professional voicemail message to greet the callers. Here you find some Voice Mailbox Messages examples, you can use to help to craft your message.

You can see some components and whoever continues to listen to it to continue the relationship. It encourages all the prospects from the business point of view, recruiters and potential connection to run the business in another connection.

The general voicemail greetings are used as a default. The voicemail greetings are used for external calls. It is also generated from the outside of the company. The people can also make the external calls from the extension within the company. Since you don’t know that callers will listen to the message.

It is the best way to keep the voicemail greetings brief, professional and convey a general funny Voicemail Messages. You should not mention the dates and the time’s frame when you will return the calls. There is no way whether the callers will hear the messages or not.

When you record the Voicemail Messages sample, you should speak clearly and concise and spell out the Name and Email Address, if you are asking the callers to follow up correspondence. Most importantly, you must practice your recording several times, until you become satisfied, it is professional and polished.

Hi, I hope you are doing great, you have reached (your name) (your business) I am not available right now, please leave your name, contact No and leave a short message after the tone. I will deliver your message to the appropriate person.
Hi, I hope you are fine, I’m either away from the desk and engaged to the other call, please leave a short message with contact details. I’ll surely get back to you soon when I’m available.
Hello, you have reached the office. I will be out of the office on this (date) to this (date). I will call you back when I come back. In the case of the emergency, you can reach my call (Number) thanks for calling.
Hi, I hope you are well, I’m currently unavailable to take your call, please leave your Name, Phone Number and record a brief message. I will contact you as soon as possible.
Hi, you have reached our company, all our sale representatives to help out the other customers. but we would like to return your call as soon as possible. you can check the current price information and check the status of the order. You can also visit our website. Please leave a message with your Name and Phone Number after a tone. I will contact you as soon as possible.
You have reached (your business). Our office is currently closed. Our normal office operations timing from (hours) (days). We are closed on the following (days). Please leave us a message with Name and Phone Number. You can leave your Name and Phone Number. We will return to calls. When the office reopens. You have hung up or left the message after pressing the key and taking advantage of additional options. Thanks for the call.

Short Funny Voicemail Messages:

Funny Voicemail Messages

Hi, this is (your name), if you are the part of the problem, simply hang up now, if you are the part of the solution. Record your message after the message, cheers up.
Hello I’m currently available at home, try to avoid official calls, I hope, you can understand, I will reach you soon, bye
Hi, you have reached the number, you have currently dialled, leave a message and wait for my call. Thanks for calling.
Hello, right now, I am not at home, hang on a second, I can take your message, open the drawer and shuffle stuff around) what you like to tell me?
This is (john) voicemail recording machine. I’m not at home, make your message short and sweet, I will have to press delete. Thanks for calling.
Hi, voicemail is broken, this is the refrigerator, please speak very slowly, I will stick your message to one of the magnets.
Hi, I’m going to spice up my voicemail, if you are going to leave a message, please create a rhyme
Hi, can you please code a secret, if you get it right, I will surely call you back? Cheers up.
Hello, you know, I hate the voicemail messages, they go on and on. It is just a waste of time, so I keep my message simple and short. I pledge to my caller, never suffer through for long answering machine greetings
Hi, I can’t attend your call right now, I suffered from amnesia, feel stupid to people, I had appreciated, if you could help me out, please leave your name and a short message. Hi, you have reached (your name) at the company. You are trying to save the world.
What our company does best if you want to learn more about, what we can do for you. Leave your name and message and get back to you as soon as possible, when our mission is completed. Thanks for the call.
Hi, I hope, you are doing great. I am engaged to kind of a big deal, oh, hoo, I am kidding. I’m out of the office. So, please leave your Name and Phone Number, I will call you back soon.
Hi, you have dial captain America. I’m just kidding. My Name is (john) and calling from (company) it would be cool being Captain America. So, I am saving the world. Please leave your Name and Phone Number, I will return you as soon as possible.
Hi, this is (smith) here, I am just about to quit this job, don’t call me again. I’m just kidding. I love my job. My company is doing best for all employees. Please leave your name, contact number and record a sweet and short message, I will get back to you within 24 hours. Thank you
Hi, you are talking to the machine, I am capable of receiving a message, stay in touch to know more about our company services and products, have a nice day.