Voice Changer For FORTNITE | The BEST Settings and Installation Guide

Voice Changer For FORTNITE

What is a Voice Modulator?

Voice changer, voice modulator, are also known voice enhancers. Voice changer refers to software which can be used to change the pitch or tone by adding the distortion to the user voice.What is a Voice Modulator

A voice transform and modifier with the effect. It generates the sound like a girl and robot.

You can use it to record an audio eye and share with the other people via Email, Social Media websites like Discord, skype, steam or game trolling.

Can I Apply Voice Changer on PS4?

Recently, there is no way to change your voice changer for fortnite ps4 settings. Firstly, you can go to voice changing app, and download the likes of voice changer by Android Rock.

Voice Changer on PS4

Once you have set up your PS4 voice changer, you will be able to change your voice in multiple ways, from the high pitched tone to deep tone. There are plenty of apps, which make your sound like someone.

The fortnite voice changer allows you to sound like an old man, it also generates an underwater effect and enjoys many more options. You don’t need to creep anywhere. It might be used as a fun to prank with your friends

Can You Use The Voice Changer on Xbox?

Voice Changer on Xbox

The voice changer is small in size, convenient to carry everywhere, without the installation of any driver. The Multi voice changer is used to make voice calls with friends, streaming on YouTube, play voice changer online games Xbox.

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How Can I Change The Setting for Voice Chat in Fortnite?

Setting for Voice Chat in Fortnite

You can manage the voice chat options in fortnite by using the following steps:

  • In the Game, you can select the Menu icon.
  • Go to SETTINGS
  • Just select the audio icon, that is display on the audio page


  • You can hover over each of the options, you can also read about tooltips, what exactly they want to before changing the settings.
  • You can turn on/off voice chat and easily manage the notification.

Fortnite Voice Changer, Just Enjoy The Best Funny Fortnite Moments:

Do you want to enjoy some fun with some fortnite trolling? I will help you out, how to create your own best funny fortnite moments by using the voice changer fortnite, you just simply connect with the voice changer software to the fortnite.

You can easily change your voice from Male to female, and female to male, a little kid, a robotic voice, fortnite girl, whatever the voice you want.

How Can You Download Fortnite Voice Changer?

The voice changer software works efficiently in the real time voice, you can change your voice to any voice you want. You can add some effects, sound trolling, record the audio, make editing and convert to any format, whatever you like. You can also Morph vocal in the audio files.

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The first thing that makes it stand out from the rest of the others voice changers, because it generates the best quality trolling sound. The app voice trolling is amazing. The app is passed, while testing. The texture of the voice seem to look so real, even the expert could realize the voice so easily.

Download and Install Fortnite Voice Changer:

To download the voice changer software. It can use be conveniently:

  • After download the fortnite voice changer, you can wait for the program to install
  • The download process can be completed into two phases. It can be installed like any other program.
  • Secondly, you can start installing the Avsoft Virtual Device, it also come with the sound driver, you can use the voice changer in the real time
  • The driver is also important, so make sure that the driver can install properly, you can close all the other applications while installing. You need to make sure that the installation process is not interrupted anymore.

Link: Download Fortnite Voice Changer

How to Do Voice Trolling With Fortnite Voice Changer:

Fortnite voice changer can be used for trolling. you just need to configure the settings of voice changer. The software is downloaded to change the settings. Here you find few ways to help you to do that in real time.

You can also personally customize the voice output. You can change the voice from the male to female, ghost, animals and robot.

The Easiest Way to Use the Troll Voice Changer Fortnite:

If you want to troll the other players, before using voice chat fortnite on PC. It is also featured with Nick voices. You can just change the voice in one click.

The features of voices are built in many pre-sets, which helps to change the voice in many ways. You just select from the menu and select the pre-sets according to your requirements. The voice changer may include

  • Select voice from movie Maker such as (robot, alien and ghost)
  • Generate Non-Human voice ( create the sound of bird, bear)
  • Create Male voice to female
  • Female voice to male voice.

The fortnite voice changer uses in the way of fun besides NickVoices: you can use the voice Morpher feature. It may also include the pitch of the Pitch, timbre graph. It comes along with different voice effects and beautifies the voice in the greatest way. you can change your voice in a real way as possible.

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Beautify the Voice:

You can improve the quality of your voice output.

Voice Effects:

You can add more vocal effects, background effects. You can also use the equalizer to configure the voice in a better way. You can use more than a hundred effects to choose from and an equalizer is also used to add more effects.

Connect Voice Changer for Fortnite

Do you really want to see the result of the voice changing effect? Are you really satisfied to go with the new voice? voice changer for fortnite tiko. It is time to connect all the things together: Fortnite voice chat, voice changer.

How to Launch Fortnite?

  • Simply login in to account:
  • Do to the main menu of Fortnite and select for more icon in the right side of the corner
  • Afterwards you can just go to Setting icon:
  • Open in a new Audio window:
  • Simply select the speaker icon.
  • Then, you can go into Toggle section and go for the selection voice chat input device use as Microsoft Avsoft Virtual Audio Device)
  • Now you are ready to enjoy rocking the games in many voices.

You can enjoy trolling a fortnite girl, a little kid with the high pitch voice changer, you want to explore the more voice. You can just thank the voice Morpheme feature.

Clownfish Voice Changer:

Clownfish voice changer is one of the most demanding voice changer. It comes with a lot of mesmerizing features. Clownfish voice changer is compatible with most of the devices.

Clownfish Voice Changer

You can sync with several apps Skype, team speak discord.

Clownfish is not only use for to prank calls, but it also be used to do essential tasks such as messages, translate the message into others languages

Clownfish for Skype:

Clownfish voice changer is the best app, who want to record their private calls to keep the information safe. You don’t need to show the identity.

Clownfish for Skype

There are several settings and modifications options available in the clownfish voice changer. You can grab the different tools and use the different plugins to get maximum out of clown fish.

If you don’t want to prank your friends and not disclose your identity. You can make your voice better in a video or audio.

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