How to Leave a Voicemail in a Professional Way

How to leave a voicemail

The process of leaving the voicemail is quite simple. The business voicemail greetings show the way of professionalism and grab the attention of the clients.

Here you find some tips for leaving the courteous and Business like voicemails, then you get returned. The miscommunication, less stressful, can leave an unprofessional message.

What is the Importance of Good Voicemail:

When you record a voice message, the situation is different. Sometimes, you are away from the desk and engage with the other clients. Sometimes, the employees are on leave, When they come back, they will contact you. The voicemail is recorded according to the situation.

If you are applying for a job or returning an interview call. It may be the first impression you are making. If you are engaged in customer service. The clarity can not be overemphasized. If you are a sales agent. You must well inform the customers about the services and products. A Good voicemail conveyed that.

Good Voicemail

The ability to leave an excellent voicemail message is not a thing of the past. It is still important in the recent era, especially in the present environment. You must read these useful and effective tips. Stay to the point.

Soon, you will see the wonder, you will never hesitate to leave the massages. So, you can communicate with the clients in a well-organized way.

Steps to Follow:

Briefly Introduce YourselfMention Your Availability
Speak SlowlyIf Disconnected Mid Message
Keep Your Message ShortEnd the Voicemail Professionally

Every time! But even more so in certain situations. If you are applying for a job or returning an interview call, this may be the first impression you are making. If you are in customer service, clarity cannot be overemphasized. On any sales call, you need to come across as well informed and prepared – a good voicemail will convey that.

The ability to leave an excellent voicemail greeting message is not a thing of the past. It is still important, especially in a work environment. Use these tips to stay on point. Soon you will wonder why you ever hesitated to leave voicemails, and any anxiety you may have will be a thing of the past.

No matter, you are leaving a voicemail for any situation, you must write a good one

Think it Through First on How to Leave a Voicemail

It is a good practice, what you are going to convey, firstly think, before you make a call. You must write down the points, what you are going to address with the person you are calling.

The most important point you note you want to convey. If you want to end up the voicemail. So, be concise, your voicemail states the purpose of the calling, and does not waste more time.

Briefly Introduce Yourself:

At the start of the voicemail, you should introduce yourself to the person or the business person yet. Firstly, you should give your first Name and mention the company Name.

Don’t need to say, Hi, it’s me. How can you believe, the person who is listening to your voice must recognize your voice. Why you leave it up to the chance. You must state your full name every time. If you are leaving an initial message to the Business purpose. It is recommended that you state your name twice.

Briefly Introduce Yourself

Begin every voicemail introducing yourself so that the person or business knows who is calling right away. You should state your full name and company name twice.

Need to make sure, how to say the name of the person you are calling. You must pronounce the name exactly, or you ask the name someone to someone, who9 might know, or Google or use the right pronunciation. You don’t need to start your conversation by insulting, when you have not spoken to a person before.

Speak Slowly:Speak Slowly

If you speak too fast, the person on the other side might not understand your message, and get clarity. He/she may rewind the massage and over to catch everything. We highly recommended talking slightly slower than usual. If you’re a speedy talker, then become a little bit slow right now.

It is importantly important to remember, when you say your Name, contact No and Email address. You should keep in mind that people write slower than talk. No one likes to listen to voicemail ten times. The person simply might decide not to return the call.

Mention Your Availability:

Mention Your Availability

You must clearly state if you would like to receive a callback or retry your call. You must mention that you are available to take the call.

If you are one to call back, let them know how to attend the call. You just make sure that you must follow up the availability of the person, and try again exactly for the timing.

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Keep Your Message Short:

Keep Your Message Short

Make your message short, concise and to the point. Don’t voicemail greetings overloaded with words. Need to make sure, you must focus on the most important reasons for the call.

Your voicemail must be sum up in 30 seconds. You must work on trimming the insubstantial information of the voicemail. You can discuss all details in depth when you ask for a callback. Your voice mail messages should reflect this.

Make Sure Your Details are Clear:

Just like Professional businessmen communicate with clients, just repeat the last items, you Leave with your names and contact details. You repeat at least twice during your voicemail.

  • When you are mentioning your phone number, you can pause in your speech and give a chance to the listener to catch up on all the details and don’t miss any details.
  • You can repeat the phone number in this way, “1-2-3-pause-4-5-6-pause-7-8-pause-9-10″.
  • You can pause in your speech and give a chance to the listener to catch up and don’t miss the details
  • With regards to your telephone number, pauses in your speech will give your listener a chance to catch up and not miss any details.

For Example, Say Your Telephone Number This Way.

If you want to give your Email address, spell it out in a loud way. you need to make sure to clarify the letters like D for Delta. You will have to spell out doubly. Then, you can use more common words just like that D for Delta. It is perfectly acceptable.

End the Voicemail Professionally:

End the Voicemail Professionally

Voice mail can end professionally. you can end your call in this way “I’m looking forward to hearing from you, “ can’t wait to talk with you”. Your ending is done in a warmer rather than in a generic way. just like that “have a nice day”. you don’t need to summarize the message. They can reply to your message.

If Disconnected Mid Message:

If you think that voicemail message got disconnected before you finished. Here you find an easy solution. You simply call back. It is stated that your previous call is disconnected. Finish the rest of the message.

If Disconnected Mid Message

You keep your message to the point and make it short. You need to restate your name and telephone number in the massage.

Practice Makes Perfect: Practice Makes Perfect:

Most of the things you take on the nerves. So, you can use your Mobile phone and call at your home and leave several messages, and listen carefully.

After making practice, you come to know what you did well. If you are calling your friends and end the messages letting them know. You are improving creative voicemail greetings message and need to get feedback

On the other hand, you can watch YouTube videos to improve communication skills and observe how communication experts leave a voicemail and see how they do it.