10 BEST Google Voice Alternative with FEATURES in 2021

Google Voice Alternatives

What is Google Voice?

Google voice is well known voice over IP just as (VoIP services). The product is easy to use and free of cost. It is quite beneficial for the small business and starts up business. You can use this service on the business Mobile phone. Google voice is a dedicated mobile app, which is used on desktop devices.

What is Google Voice?

It can also be used on the desktop devices. The google support team says about it GV (google Voice) is a consumer targeted offering, that works great for the personal and the non-business. It does not provide technical support. Sometimes. It is hard to diagnose the bugs.

If you are starting a small business or start-up the business. It does not make sense to use the alternative to google voice. It is free of cost and does not put a burden on your pocket. When your business expands, you might also notice this.

As Your Business Grows, You Might Notice Some Limitations for Voice Including:

  • Get no customer support from the Google
  • No toll-free numbers or vanity numbers
  • You can’t sign up from the outside of the US
  • There is no attendant or enrichment with IVR features.
  • The sound quality is not good.

You want to change the mobile phone system when your business grows. Business owners want good business phone services. It will allow you to stop using the phone number for the phone calls or send the text message. If you search for the google voice for business, you will see the many other limitations to the platform as compared to the VoIP services.

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How Does Google Voice Work?

Like using the many VOIP services, Google voice is used on the internet connection, you must attach to the WiFi and data plan.How Does Google Voice Work? There are no requirements of the desk phones or landlines.

As long as you must have internet enabled devices such as cell phone, laptop, computer etc., and then you can use Google devices. Google voice is a free service, which just only requires an Email address to perform the work, similar to Skype. It can be used for both personal and professional reasons.

Alternative to Google Voice:

The use of the Google voice has some advantages for the business, but there are some alternatives to google voice that are available in affordable or more advanced features for the business phone system.

Alternative to Google Voice

Google voice is not a sustainable option, to handle the calls all around, local phone numbers, call forwarding, sharing of phone numbers and many more options. It is important to use advanced options, when your business is growing. You can use open phone google voice alternative. It is highly alternative with thousands of happy users.

Google voice is a virtual telephone service that offers voicemail, call forwarding text or voice mail services. Google voice has some limited voice services, voice services and call termination services. You cannot make emergency services. This tool has complicated message features.

10 TOP Google Voice Alternatives

Here you find the list of the Free Google Voice Alternative:
JustCallVirtual PBX
MitelMonster VoIP


Grasshopper is a virtual phone application. It provides the best solution to the small business. It provides one professional number. The service can be used on the existing cell numbers on landlines.


  • Grasshopper provides a full view of the business interaction through more than one channel.
  • You can make or receive calls by using the desktop or mobile app
  • The tool converts the voicemail into text. So, you can easily read them without listening to it.
  • It makes it possible to record professional messages to welcome the clients.
  • You can reply via text on the office number.
  • The app allows you to send a fax as a PDF attachment from your Email.

Link: Get Grasshopper


Nextiva is a voice over internet protocol. The services are provided to the small and large size companies. The company can organize contact centers in the cloud for inbound and outbound to run out the calling campaigns.


  • You can easily know the customer information, when they make a call.
  • Get automatically get the feedback from the clients.
  • Data and communication can be managed centrally.
  • Easily track the interaction of the customer for the business.
  • The tool provides real time view of the clients at specific level.

Link: Get Nextiva


The phone is the software, which helps to configure the phone system in a fast and easy way. it allows you to block the calls and add more number in the phone account.


  • You will get the notification, when someone is making calls.
    It allows you to route the call, it depends on the time when the call is received.
  • You can sync your phone address along with the phone application.
  • It makes you personalise the calls with greetings, messages, music and voice messages.
  • You can send or receive numbers on the local numbers.
    Phone helps to create and organise the groups and extensions.
  • You can send and receive SMS on local numbers and set the unique caller ID.

Link: Get Phone

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The tool of a FreshCaller helps the team to create and respond to opportunities in a full context. You can manage the clients and collaborate with the teams in a more organized way.


  • Fresh caller is a more flexible caller system.
  • The tool has capability to handle to transfer the calls, notes and conference
  • Buy local phone numbers to the cloud PBX system in 90+ countries.
  • Monitor and manage the communication system.
  • You can buy local phone numbers for your cloud PBX system in 90+ countries.

Link: Get FreshCaller


Justcall is an online system to run out the business in more than 60 countries. You can use this software to make and receive phone calls from the web browser by using desktop computer


  • Just call can use to send and receive messages through phone number
  • It also makes it possible to port your local, toll free number.
    The software provides help to set up distribution or set up the rules for phone numbers.
  • JustCall helps you to collaborate with your team by assigning phone numbers, analyzing logs of calls, and recording.
    You can route calls to your employees.
  • This tool enables you to send SMS with your Just Call number.
    It provides full call details like date, time, duration, and caller ID.

Link: Get JustCall

Virtual PBX:

Virtual PBX is considered a best communication system, it helps to monitor the calls in the real time. It provides facility Automatic call distribution to manage the call traffic in the specific development.


  • Virtual PBX also supports the audio conference. You can also forward the calls to any device.

Link: Get Virtual PBX

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Mitel is a kind of software that provide all in one communication system. it gives advance level customer analytics, that gives invitation, noti fication and alert system.


  • It prove to be very helpful in the audio conference.
  • It gives automatically route the incoming calls to some extensions, call screening to incoming calls.
  • The software help to analyse and record the data on the telephone calls.
  • It helps to monitor and improve the communication system and provide better customer services.
  • You can dial according to first and last name, automatically display caller account information on screen during the call.

Link: Get Mitel

Monster VoIP:

Monster VoIP is a cloud based communication system and gives solutions to flexible plans and streamline the phone system. it is a free app for google voice for personal and small business use.


  • The phone provides personal setup and provides 24/7 customer support. You can make and receive calls on IOS, Windows, desktop, OS and android devices.
  • It helps users to decrease the communication cost by adding the session initial Protocol (SIP).
  • You can port the current phone number to the app without any efforts.

Link: Get Monster VoIP

Get to Connect:

Sometimes, voice calling is not suitable for your business, if you want to switch into video calling. Go to connect is a video focused service that offers a wide range of the video options, including webinars, cloud recording, commuter mode.

It is easy to integrate on the video calls. You can enjoy free trail options. Video calling is an interesting option.


Ring central is a Best for Established Businesses. It comes with the impressive features, which suits almost every business. Ring central offers to integrate with major software applications such as Google and Microsoft. It also offers a variety of hardware options. It is certainly a safe option to entrust your business.

RingCentral is able to offer integrations with major software applications, such as Google and Microsoft, and offers a variety of hardware options, not to mention a trusted and well regarded support team.

Link: Get RingCentral

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Dingtone is the best application for android and iPhone devices. You can utilize this product to make unlimited free phone calls and text messages to the other people.


  • Make calls to mobile phone and landline numbers, support live video calls
  • Free international SMS up to 200 countries.
    Convert your smartphone into a walkie talkie by pressing a single button.
  • Send a photos by Fax, and keep a track record of any call
  • Maximum 10000 callers connected for the conference call.
  • Free google voice alternative tool offers live voice, Wifi, or data Connection.

Link: Get DingTone